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Are you passionate about LEGO? Do you love to build? Then why not put your passion to the test with the new Channel 4 LEGO building show.


Here at Bricks HQ we have been approached by TV production company Tuesday’s Child Television to see if any of our fans would like to show off their building skills in a new show they are producing for channel 4. Working closely with The LEGO Group they are looking for teams of two to pit their building skills in a series of LEGO themed challenges in the quest to find the UK and Irelands best LEGO builders.

As bricks fans we know you love to create so this seems like the perfect opportunity to have a bit of fun with the brick and see what you can do. With so much talent out there it would be a crime not to get involved and the fact you can work in a team of two will surely lead some amazing creations.

At this point we understand the format will run across multiple episodes and all participants will have the LEGO pieces provided to them so the playing field is level for all contestants and it removes any concern about whether you have the right pieces in your own collection. This contest is further confirmation and recognition of all the talented builders out there and to get our hobby on mainstream television in a fun positive format seems like an opportunity not to be missed.


The details

The competition is open to people of all ages and backgrounds and will take place on various dates throughout 2017, most likely over weekends and the Easter and Summer Holidays. Filming will take place in London. The production company ‘Tuesdays Child’ will cover all competitors’ travel and accommodation costs during filming.

They will also supply the all bricks needed for each challenge so that the competition is always fair.

The challenges will be devised with the help of the LEGO group.

The Judges chosen will represent a variety of LEGO building disciplines and backgrounds. 

To take part in this competition contestants will need to apply as a team of two. You can apply with a friend, sibling, parent/guardian, child or any other relative but they too must be as skilled and as passionate as you (well almost!) .

The application process has now started and you are able to enquire for further details without committing yourself so click the link below to see how you could get involved.

If you would like to learn more about the programme then please email for more details. The show’s producers have reassured me that contacting them to express an interest does not mean you have to commit to programme in any way at this stage.

Get involved

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